Want a demo?

Self-serve demo?

We think the best way to get a sense of Bud's true power is for you to see our capabilities for yourself using your own data (we do not keep it). To do this, we have provided a fully functional demo, allowing you to go through the Bud Connect flow to connect to a bank and view transactional data, on the Bud Console (log in | info).

Accessing this demo is easy and requires you to:

  1. Sign up to the Bud Console;
  2. Log into the Console and open the demo (here ↗);
  3. Pick the bank of your choice and follow the instructions.

Personalised demo?

Alternatively, Bud's friendly Sales team is more than happy to give you in-person walkthrough of Bud's technology that importantly will be tailored to your specific needs and situation. Contact the team via this form and they will be promptly in touch.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chatbot (bottom-right of screen 👉) or via a support request or check our FAQs.