Connect API errors


  • GENERAL - Generic service errors
  • REQUEST - Client request related, such as bad request or not found related issues
  • AUTH - Issue around creating an open banking connection
  • CONNECTION- Issues around the open banking connection/consent.
  • PROVIDER - Errors due to issues with third-party providers, such as banks.

The table below will display all of the possible error codes, along with a short summary and a category.

Connect specific codes, contain a link to a dedicated error code page, that contains extra information about the cause of the error and an example of the response.

internal_errorAn unexpected internal failure.GENERAL
internal_transient_errorAn unexpected internal failure but marked as a transient issueGENERAL
internal_timeoutA task has timed outGENERAL
auth_deniedThe authorisation has been deniedAUTH
auth_expiredThe authorisation process has expired.AUTH
connection_expiredA connection with a provider has expired.CONNECTION
connection_not_foundA connection with a provider could not be foundCONNECTION
connection_revokedA connection with a provider has been revoked.CONNECTION
provider_failureThe provider is experiencing issuesPROVIDER
provider_request_limitThe provider has reached its request limitPROVIDER
provider_maintenanceThe provider is in maintenancePROVIDER
provider_not_foundThis provider couldn't be found in our systemREQUEST
provider_timeoutRequests to the provider are timing out.PROVIDER
connection_reauthenticateThe provider has indicated a re-authenticationPROVIDER
provider_marked_account_invalidThe provider has marked an account as invalidCONNECTION
failed_body_decodeInvalid or malformed request body.REQUEST
failed_validationA request has failed validation but is valid JSONREQUEST
task_not_foundThe specified task could not be found.REQUEST

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