Open Banking Consent Reconfirmed


This event triggers when a consent is successfully reconfirmed.

Event Message

The table below describes the structure of the event.

eventThe event this webhook relates too.open_banking.consent.reconfirmed
consent_idThe consent this event relates too.
customer_idThe customer this consent relates too
providerThe provider this consent is associated with
updated_atThe date time that the event occurred


  "data": {
    "consent_id": "ab32780a-3d60-4d4d-984f-11ea3ef329cd",
    "customer_id": "99e911e9-d084-4790-9911-52fdf482fe95",
    "provider": "Natwest",
    "updated_at": "2023-10-02T14:05:55Z",
    "event": "open_banking.consent.reconfirmed"

How And When Is This Event Triggered

This events trigger when an Open Banking consent been successfully reconfirmed.


Behaviour depend on the configuration of the original gateway URL. For example, reconfirm_consent_redirect

User Reconfirms Consent Through BUD Connect

The diagram below describes the reconfirm flow through Bud Connect and when in the flow this webhook is triggered.

Consent Is Reconfirm Using The API

The diagram below describes how the webhook is trigger when using the Reconfirm Consent endpoint.