Use webhooks to be notified when Open Banking or ingestion events occur

Below we’ll list all the event webhooks for Open Banking and first party data ingestions.


Make sure to read the webhook setup guide


  • OB_TASK- These events trigger when an Open Banking task completes. This includes tasks that have succeeded or failed.
  • OB_CONSENT- These events trigger when the state of an Open Banking consent has changed.
  • FPI - These events triggers when an ingestion task has completed.


Open Banking Connection Completedopen_banking.connect.completedOB_TASK
Open Banking Refresh Completedopen_banking.refresh.completedOB_TASK
Open Banking Consent Reconfirmedopen_banking.consent.reconfirmedOB_CONSENT
Open Banking Consent Revokedopen_banking.consent.revokedOB_CONSENT
First Party Data Ingestion Succeededfirst_party_ingester.ingest.succeededFPI
First Party Data Ingestion Failedfirst_party_ingester.ingest.failedFPI