Open Banking Refresh Completed


This webhook triggers when a refresh task is completed.

Event Message

The table below describes the structure of the event.

task_idThe task identifier that this event relates tooString UUID
task_typeThe Open Banking task this event relates too.refresh
statusThe overall status of this taskCompleted, Failed
resultThe specific result of this tasksuccess or one of Connect API errors
customer_idThe customer this event relates too.String UUID
has_new_transactionsTo describe whether new transactions have been pulled from the relevant ASPSP during the refreshtrue, false
reconnect_requiredIf true, the customer must re-connect to the specified providertrue, false
providerName of the provider (banking institution)String


  "data": {  
    "task_id": "030c78b0-617c-4649-9319-e07569362a14",  
    "task_type": "refresh",  
    "customer_id": "82a90a04-4bdf-446a-932e-fb559ea99c29",  
    "status": "Completed",  
    "result": "success",
    "has_new_transactions": "true",
    "reconnect_required": "false",
    "provider": "Capital_One"
  "data": {
    "task_id": "030cf139-1d28-45f5-9721-7e8bdd55f005",
    "task_type": "refresh",
    "customer_id": "82a90a04-4bdf-446a-932e-fb559ea99c29",
    "status": "Failed",
    "result": "provider_failure",
    "reconnect_required:" true

How And When Is This Event Triggered


For this webhook to trigger, the process needs to reach this point in the process.

Manual Refresh Using The Initiate Refresh Endpoint

The diagram below describes how the webhook is triggered when using the Initiate Refresh endpoint.

Note that each refresh task and corresponding webhook event is specific to a provider. This means you may encounter scenarios where multiple refreshes are being processed simultaneously for a single customer, if for instance you've triggered the refreshes as a batch, one for each connected provider. In this scenario, we recommend you wait for all of the refresh tasks to complete before attempting to retrieve any of the Open Banking data or Bud enrichments.