Financial health indicators


While the affordability report is the endpoint that provides key affordability information, you can use any number of other aggregations or endpoints to get a more detailed picture of an applicant's affordability based on what is important to your decisioning and scorecard logic.
In conjunction with Assess' common aggregations, Engage's actionable insights and affordability insights (details coming soon), we also recommend the following endpoints as good sources to determine key financial health indicators and continue to benefit from the lift that transactional data can provide.

  • GET /v2/income(here) - to provide in-depth and highly accurate data on applicant's income, whether their income is regular or not
  • GET /v1/debt-collection(here) - an example of a high-impact piece of data that Bud offers for affordability assessments, which returns any instances of debt collection agreements in the customer's finances
  • GET /v2/balances(here) - to provide insight into the balances of accounts connected by applicants, and allow for automated rules to be run off those balances

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