Intro to Check

Check is Bud’s bank account verification product. It’s powered by Open Banking and gives you access to:

  • the name(s) on record for the account holder(s)
  • account identifiers like the account number and sort code
  • whether it's a joint account
  • other account details such as the account type (current account, etc.)

You can use it to confirm that a customer has ownership of a bank account. It's particularly relevant for use cases such as account sign-ups, processing refunds and transferring money between accounts.

Advantages of Check

Compared to alternative methods like uploading bank statements, Check significantly reduces friction for the customer and largely eliminates opportunities for error, which leads to higher success rates and less work for your customer support team. The entire process for the customer typically takes under 2 minutes.

Check is built on top of Bud Connect, offering all the same benefits including industry-leading conversion rates, security features like Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and support for the majority of banks in the UK.