Error responses

Response Style Properties

operation_idA descriptive enough string that is linked to the operation/feature.A required snake case string
code_idA descriptive enough string that is linked to the reason for the error.A required snake case string
messageAn actual user friendly error message.A required string
metadataContains endpoint specific additional information.An optional JSON object
errorsA data-set that is relevant to the error.An optional JSON object

Client Error Responses

The description and the listed status codes below indicate that the action requested by the client was not successfully processed due to apparent client errors in the request.

The client errors will have status codes in the 400-499 range and have relevant response content where required.

Generic Client Error Responses
Error CodeCauseResponse Body
401Unauthorized{"operation_id": "unknown","code_id":"unknown","message": "Unauthorised request","errors": {}}
404Not Found{"operation_id": "unknown","code_id":"unknown","message": "Route or resource not found","errors": {}}
405Method Not Allowed{"operation_id": "unknown","code_id":"unknown","message": "Method not allowed","errors": {}}
List of Code Ids
failed_validationOccurs when a request validation process fails.
invalid_loginOccurs when insufficient login credentials were provided.
resource_not_foundOccurs when a requested record or a feature was not found.
unique_constraintOccurs when a request tries to create an existing record in database.
task_not_foundThe specified task could not be found.
account_not_foundThe specified account could not be found. Please check the account identifier is correct. The account might be closed or suspended.
internal_errorAn unexpected internal error.
internal_timeoutA task had timed out.
internal_transient_errorAn unexpected transient internal error.
request_validationOccurs when a request validation process fails.
auth_deniedAuthorisation process cancelled.
auth_expiredThe authorisation url has expired. Please generate a new one to continue.
connection_not_foundNo active connection with the provider
connection_expiredThe connection consent has expired. re-authentication required
connection_revokedThe connection consent has been revoked. Re-authentication required
connection_statusThe connection consent is in the wrong status to perform the action.
connection_permissionThe connection consent does not have the required permissions for this resource
provider_not_foundUnknown provider
provider_failureThe provider has had an unexpected failure
provider_timeoutThe provider has taken too long to respond.
provider_maintenanceThe provider is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance
provider_request_limitThe provider rate limit has been exceeded
provider_endpoint_unimplementedThe provider has not implemented this endpoint
provider_endpoint_deprecatedThe provider has deprecated this endpoint
provider_reauthenticateThe provider has deemed this consent needs to be reauthenticated.
400 Bad Request

Returned after a failed attempt to create a new resource by passing invalid data to POST /resources.

After trying to create a new resources by passing invalid data to POST /resources.

  "operation_id": "resources_post",
  "code_id": "failed_validation",
  "message": "Invalid request payload.",
  "metadata": {},
  "errors": {
    "name": "This value is required.",
    "email": "This value is invalid."

Server Error Responses

The server errors will have status codes in the 500-599 range. The server errors will look very much like the "Client Errors" but will contain bare minimum information attached to them.

Generic Server Error Responses
Error CodeCauseResponse Body
500Internal Server Error{"message": "An error occurred while processing your request"}
503Service Unavailable{"message": "Service unavailable"}

In the case that you receive a 5XX response please retry your request and if the problem persists please raise a support request.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chatbot (bottom-right of screen 👉) or via a support request or check our FAQs.