Assess API: Get started


One of the most powerful applications of Assess is the ability to use transactional and customer intelligence normally reserved for manual review in automated decisioning flows: allowing access to a real-time dataset that accurately represents your customers.

While you can use more or less any data Bud offers to embed into your decisioning flows, there are some particularly common approaches to assess affordability that are outlined below to give an indication of what's possible.

Assessing affordability via API

The following are how our clients most commonly build affordability assessments using Bud's APIs and please note there are no rules preventing you from using these endpoints selectively or in combination.

Steps to explore the Assess API

Step 1 - Set up API access

Before you can interact with Bud's API, you'll need to get set up. You can do that by following the steps described here.

Step 2 - Ingesting transactional data

While the standard way for Bud to ingest and enrich customer data is for customers to connect up their accounts via Bud's Connect flow, it's also common for larger clients to bring their own data. This is what we call First Party Data.

In the latter scenario, Bud can ingest transactional data that clients already hold on their customers and enrich that data in exactly the same way that it would if the transactions had been ingested via Open Banking APIs. This provides the ability for clients to even more seamlessly use Bud's endpoints to power processes (like decisioning) without requiring direct action from their customers.

You can achieve enrichment yourself by following this guide.

Step 3 - Call affordability-related endpoints

As noted above, there are several approaches that you can use to determine affordability that largely depends on your requirements. The links above though outline the most common approaches and we recommend you start with these to ascertain which are best for you.

Applications via API

For all of the above, the customer will still require to provide their financial data via an application and to read more about how to initiate and manage applications via API, please read this guide.


If you want to use the Assess API and Dashboard in sync please ensure you are creating applications and customers as per the guide directly above.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chatbot (bottom-right of screen 👉) or via a support request or check our FAQs.