Sandbox environment


Bud Sandbox Platform is a development environment for integrating and testing Bud’s services. Its version is kept up to date with production. Bud’s sandbox environment mirrors its production environment and all updates are made in tandem. On the Sandbox environment, the variety of providers that you can connect to via Open Banking is limited and contains a predefined set of dummy accounts and transaction data. The instance size doesn’t differ from production, although certain rate limits are in place.

API Access

To start interacting with Bud’s Sandbox API you have to sign up for Bud Console account.

Once you’ve completed the signup and activation process you will be able to create a new project in the Bud Console to receive API Credentials (client_id and client_secret). These can be used to obtain OAuth2 access and refresh tokens using the authentication endpoint. The access token must be supplied as a Bearer token within every service API call made to the Bud Platform. Once the access token has expired, the refresh token must be used to obtain another access token.

See here for more details.

Sandbox Providers

Bud’s sandbox is built to mirror its production environment. The main difference is the available open banking providers that a customer is able to connect to. In the sandbox, Bud’s aggregation service only supports the use of Open Banking sandbox providers which issue dummy data.

Currently, you are able to connect to customer profiles with predefined accounts and transaction data sets (managed by Bud) which are available via the different Sandbox providers.

Necessary access credentials can be found as Projects in the Bud Console (log in | info).

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chatbot (bottom-right of screen 👉) or via a support request or check our FAQs.