Start here

1 - Sign up to Bud's Console

The first step to start developing with Bud’s APIs is to quickly sign up to the Bud Console and you'll get immediate access to Bud’s sandbox environment so you can start building with dummy data.
(Have an account or need to sign up? Just sign up or log in)

2 - Get API Keys and authenticate to access Bud APIs

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting access and authenticating to the Bud API Platform. This guide covers setting up and managing your API Credentials in the Bud Console as well as how to authenticate to Bud APIs using OAuth.

Setup and manage your API keys in the Bud Console: (log in | sign up).

3 - Set up your customers

Start registering your customers on the Bud platform via the Create Customer endpoint to get a customer ID and secret which enables you to start exploring Bud's data enrichment prowess and how that benefits your customers.


Assess use cases beware

Assess requires customers to be created in a different way, so if you intend to build an Assess-powered product, you should not create customers as above and should instead follow the specific setup guide for the Assess API.

4 - Start building with Bud

Now you’re all set to start, but where next?

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chatbot (bottom-right of screen 👉) or via a support request or check our FAQs.