Initiate Refresh V2

Instruct Bud to retrieve the latest account information for a customer. Refresh the accounts from all providers with an existing connection.

By default this task will retrieve transactions since the last pull of transactions less seven days. This can be overridden using the from body parameter to a maximum of 90 days previously.

On completion of this task Bud will send a webhook to your configured endpoint including details of the refresh completed and the status of the refresh for each provider. Alternatively the status of the task can be checked using the Retrieve Refresh Status V2 endpoint. Please check that the task has completed successfully before trying to access the Customer's data or initiating another refresh.

If the customer's consent has been revoked or expired for a provider, Bud will be unable to refresh the customers account at that provider.
This will be confirmed in the response of the refresh status endpoint associated with the task_id provided in the response to this endpoint, where the reconnect_required field will set to true and status set to Completed. If the consent within the Bud system was marked as Authorised at this point the consent will be updated to Revoked

To simplify your integration Bud is able to take control of your background refreshes and manage these regularly for you. Full details can be found on the following guide