Create Customer V3

This endpoint is used to create a new Customer in order for them to consume the Bud services.

When we refer to a Customer, we're talking about the end-user of yours and Bud's technology. Customer entities in Bud have unique identifiers and this is used to store the customer data on the Bud platform.

For more information on how to manage your Bud Customers, please, refer to the following guide



By specifying a client_metadata.idempotent_identifier value, Bud will associate that identifier to a Customer,
and in future Bud will return the same Customer entity everytime we receive the same idempotent_identifier value.

This allows you to associate your internal resource to the concept of the Bud Customer.

On subsequent requests for a customer with a given idempotent_identifier, Bud will return a 200 status code instead of a 201.

Please, make sure the idempotent_identifier is immutable on your application.