Retrieve Refresh Status

Check the status of an account information refresh task. If the task is not yet completed, the status will be shown as pending.
If the status is completed, then the data is ready to be collected via the Retrieve Financial Data endpoints.
Successful requests will include step (1-4) and associated text values to indicate the current progress of the refresh task.

Make sure to check the status of the task till completion before trying to access the Customer's data or initiating another process.

When the task is successful, we include in the response body a metadata.has_new_transactions boolean attribute that tells you if the refresh resulted in storing new data. This attribute must be used to
decide if it's necessary to pull the Customer's data or not.

When the refresh fails, we include the reason of the failure as part of the data.result attribute. We also include the data.reconnect_required boolean attribute that indicates if the consent used to
fetch the data for this customer and provider is no longer valid. If reconnect_required is true, the customer will need to go through the bank account connection flow again.