Retrieve Authorisation Gateway URL (v2)

Allow customers to authorise with, and connect to, a provider, using Bud’s Bud Connect. Bud Connect is a UI component hosted by Bud that can be integrated into any mobile or web experience, and
allows your customers to connect to and authorise with their chosen provider, allowing Bud to pull their account information using Bud's AISP license.

Using the different configuration options that can be set through the request body you can personalize the experience for your Customer. Please, refer to the documentation below for more information about the available configurations.

Use Bud’s Authorisation Gateway (Bud Connect) if you are not regulated as an AISP in order to connect your customers to their banks to share account information. You may still choose to use Bud Connect in order to give the customer a slick account connection experience or to speed up your technical build and integration, even if you are a regulated AISP yourself.

The status of the authorisation step will be provided to you as a path parameter within the redirect_url specified within the request payload.
This redirect_url is where your customer will be redirected to once they have either failed, or successfully completed, the authorisation process with their provider.

The URL generated with this endpoint is valid for up to 30 minutes. We suggest to generate the URL right before redirecting your Customer to it.

Please note that in order to recieve status updates on a given account connection task, you will need to configure your Callback URL within the developer console.
Once the entire connection process has been completed and the customer's account information is ready to be collected, Bud will send a request to your callback URL.