Ingest Transactions V2

This endpoint initiates a 'blocking' transaction ingestion and enrichment process. It will return partially enriched transactions and a Task ID which would then be used for finding out the current status of the full enrichment process. The complete enrichment services applied to the data will depend upon the relevant scopes assigned to your Client ID.

If a 'X-Disable-Synchronous' header is present and set to true, the process will be entirely 'non-blocking', with the returned Task ID providing access to the status of the full enrichment process.

There are a number of ingest schemas that can be used with this endpoint. These are described in the Body Params below. You will need to ensure the content-type header matches the schema used.


Compared to the V1 ingest endpoints, the data validation is performed up-front. As such if this endpoints returns a 200 or 202 then the data is correctly formatted.