Retrieve Money Management

Provides a list of potential scenarios where a customer might suffer some financial expense that cover the following:



Support will cease for this endpoint on the 1st of December 2023 - please complete your migration to the Retrieve Actionable Insights endpoints by that point in time. For further details, contact your Bud account manager or email [email protected].

Money ManagementDescription
overdraftAccount is overdrawn (note that credit cards will not trigger this warning).
cannot_cover_billsThe total upcoming payments for exceeds the current balance. The time range used for analysing past payments is (X-From, X-Today) and the period used for predicting upcoming payments is (X-Today, X-To).
late_incomeA regular incoming payment was expected to be received on the account and hasn't yet.
late_paymentA regular outgoing payment that was expected to come out of the account on a specific date but has been paid after expected date.
regular_payment_changedThe value of a regular payment has increased or decreased between the oldest and newest instance.
suspected_duplicate_chargeA duplicate transaction is one of more transactions that are debit transactions, have a non-zero booking time, and have a non-zero amount. They must also have matching account_id, transaction_reference, merchant_id (if one exists), amount, currency, date, booking_datetime.
regular_monthly_income_changeThe value of a regular income has increased or decreased based on the previous months income. As this is comparing income over whole months, only complete months are considered in the provided date range. For instance, if X-From=2022-01-05 and X-To=2022-04-05 then the range considered by this warning will be (2022-01-01, 2022-03-31). In addition, the default treshold for a difference in amounts to trigger this warning is 10%.